Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Fancy words

Comestible, authentic, superstitious, callous, warranted, bipedal, extrovert, Schwartz, comedienne, aubergine, rapscallion, undertones, tremendous, litigious, highly dangerous, cantankerous, devil-may-care, hoopla, bionic, supine, withered, sere, haughty, curmudgeon, salivate, Crimea, Domesday, Wichita, Salubrious, hunkered down, infidelity, cosmopolitan, indefatigable, sciency, pish posh, Gandhi, whatchamacallit, Witherspoon, take my fancy, dubious, debilitating, terminal, aspiring musician, Humperdink, collateral, namesake, keepsake, forbearance, tolerance, terminal velocity, graduate, incarcerate, plebeian, Scottsdale, armature, kinetic, wizened, Hyperion, eccentricity, aversion, interpretation, argumentative, suggestive, whiplash, sidearms, Mercator, Gerhardus, sphincter, triumphalism, gratitudinal, arranged marriage, pompous, mercurial, sutures, authenticated.


Richie said...

I superstitiously ate all the comestibles that took my fancy; they were supplied by a callous comedienne????
I was going to try to use all the words here but that was as far as I got :)
Anyway, that's besides the point - where is Alias the Jester?

Adrian Brown said...

Yes, you've reminded me. He will be along shortly.