Thursday, March 5, 2009

Alias the Jester: An encore performance by yours truly

By popular demand (I'm not a big star so one person's request meets my criteria for being demanded by the populace) here is a wonderful video of me singing the theme song from an animated children's series that aired on Australian television back in the 80s. This movie was made in the corrugated iron shed on top of Mister's house in the small aboriginal village somewhere near the north-east coast of Taiwan in Hualien county back in 2008. You might consider yourselves privileged to have access to the work of such a prodigious performer (I refer here to myself). Without further ado, I give you my rendition of the theme song from "Alias the Jester"...

Alias the Jester background briefing
(sourced from Wikipedia @

I have just confirmed something that I suspected for a long time: Alias the Jester was produced by the same company that gave us Danger Mouse. I knew it!

Alias the Jester was an animated series created by Cosgrove Hall Films, airing in 13 episodes on ITV starting on November 13th 1985. The show also aired during the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's (ABC) after school timeslot and is considered one of the Classic ABC shows.


The show followed the adventures of a time traveller by the name of Alias and his dog-like companion Boswell. After their malfunctioning ship got stuck in the Earth's magnetic pole, they crash-landed in a Middle Age kingdom called Houghton Bottoms, ruled by the diminutive King Arthur and his Queen Edith. Taking up a secret identity of sorts as Alias the Jester, he gains employment at the court and befriends the bumbling court wizard Meredith. When the situation called for it, Alias could instantly change back into his red uniform, which enabled him to fly, and presumably a degree of super strength, which he could use to face the various villains of the show. Each episode would inevitably end with Arthur firing Alias and Meredith.


And to top off this wonderful Alias the Jester sortie, here's a link to the genuine title track in mp3 format. I think you will find that it is rather similar to my version:


Richie said...

Excellent!! And about time too!!! I'm laughing my ass off (in a good way...)

Now I just need you to do Love you 'Til Tuesday, and my life will be complete! (particularly the classic branch-romance couplet).

I would also settle for the German version - Lieb' Dich bis Dienstag (I shit you not-its real).

Richie said...

And on that theme - a german version of Alias the Jester also exists ---

Adrian Brown said...

I just watched the German version. I wonder how many other versions there are. I remember watching part of the German version of an episode of Fraggle Rock; you know the part of the story involving the old man and Sprocket the dog? They filmed different versions with different actors for various countries.

Another thing, in the list of related videos on the same page as that German Alias the Jester I saw the themes from other shows I used to watch.

Sorry but I don't expect to be able to give you the German "Love you 'Til Tuesday" for a while yet. But I'll see what I can do.