Monday, March 2, 2009

China, Macau, and Hong Kong Pt4

After spending a while in the Museum of Coastal Defence, we walked down to sea level and breathed our fill of the salt-laden air at the small dock we found there.
We just really liked these pictures, especially the one below; there's something very Hong Kong about it.

A more traditional-style fisherman's boat putt-putts by on its way home, wending a way through the assemblage of larger, more modern boats and ships in Hong Kong Harbour.

Besides the walking tour that took us through various market areas, we also took ourselves on a temple walking tour. I've never been quite sure about the protocols for temple behaviour but it is okay to just wander in and look around as long as you're nice about it. This collection of incense sticks was scenting the air outside one of the smaller temples on the tour.

Of course Hong Kong is famous for shopping and we indulged a bit. But we aren't the marathon shoppers that others are and we have to take frequent breaks when it all gets to be a bit too much for us. Here we are having a coffee in the huge central courtyard of a shopping mall that was close to the hotel we were staying in. This particular coffee was awful.

So, final thoughts on Hong Kong? We liked it a lot and we would go back. In fact, this was my second trip: I was here back in 2003. I think I was in better company this time and enjoyed it more. Hong Kong certainly is an interesting place and it is big enough to stay interesting for longer than other potential tourism destinations. We'll be back.

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