Thursday, February 5, 2009

My precocious pupil

Here is a Utube video showing Sunny, one of my students from last year, reading The Wizard of Oz. She is only five years old. Andrea has started saying that if we have children she wants them to have a bilingual education. I think I agree with her. Here is a link to the video:


erin said...

Funny how I can a high school teacher I'm often musing, by myself or with other colleagues, on the precociousness of my students. Thanks for using this word, it makes me smile. And as for're not thinking soon are you? I'm going to be an auntie from so far away!

Adrian Brown said...

No, I don't expect to have children soon although my attitude has changed in the last couple of years. Now I can imagine being a father. In fact, I think I would like that. I have no idea where we would have kids if we did but I'm sure you would get to see them. Thanks Erin.