Saturday, January 24, 2009

Off to China

The last two weeks have been very busy and so will the next. My two-week vacation started at about 4:30 pm yesterday when I finished work. I had been doing oral testing this week and my work schedule was a mess. Outside of my work hours I was dealing with problems with our application for Andrea's spouse visa for Australia. I was also trying to clean the house and making arrangements for my imminent trip to China. Andrea left on Monday and I will leave this morning. I have been so busy that while I am looking forward to going away to China, I am not looking forward to having to make an effort to do anything and I hope that the first couple of days in China will involve a lot of sloth; a good deal of sitting down not having to do anything would be great. I had better go and finish getting ready before the shuttle bus arrives to take me to Kaohsiung airport. Here's to future blogs and bloggers.

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