Saturday, August 16, 2008

My three-three birthday

And thus it came to pass that in a country of ornate temples, maniacal drivers, and 7-11s, far from the place which he loved, Adrian Brown came to pass the mark of 33 for his age, and thenceforth called himself a thirty-three-year-old. And in the making of 33 there had been much ado about nothing much and everything. What meaning could be contrived in it and what bodings of the future did it entail? Know only that 33 is not much different from 32. But yea, he took it as an umbrage to his good face, a sore point thrust among the embers of his entrails, and thus came to wield his flashing sword among the unwary and faithless. And lo, a great battle ensued with the fell and wretched cretins of that place falling here and there by his blade, so keen his eyes were and so trained was his blade. It was a great day of reckoning, the deeds of which were sung in songs in long years after and with every flash of his sword the world became a changed place until we lived in a different world than that in which we had begun. Thus spake the seers of Ghanding who descry all that passes oer the minds of men and women.

Something like that. I have been reading Tolkien again.

The day is a fair one and the sweet breezes of this morning bring with them the promise of adventure, for we shall set out ere the day is old and travel to that most bountiful city on this isle, the place called Taipei. There we will enjoy our time without labour until the morn of Monday when we should venture out to the Korean embassy and apply for police checks as part of the application process to get spouse visas for our respective countries. Later on that day we will go to the airport where my brother will arrive and stay with us here in Taiwan for 10 days. Yay! I am now excited and am looking forward very much to seeing my brother.

O, I forgot to say that yesterday was the last day of the teaching semester at my school, quite an uncanny coincidence, allowing the day of my birthday to fall on the first day of my vacation.

Gotta go and make some calls.


Richie said...

Happy birthday dude! Hope you're having fun, cheers Rich.

Anonymous said...

Happy THREE-THREE Adrian from across the oceans. Hope you celebrated all vacation! Much love, Lim and Jynn

Adrian said...

Thanks Rich and thanks Lemon Gin for the birthday wishes. I can't believe people actually read this load-of-rubbish blog. I don't read it!