Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Rainy Tuesday

It was fine and sunny this morning but it is now ten-to-six in the evening and we have had the first of many showers induced by Typhoon Fengshen. It sounds like Fengshen hit the Philippines pretty hard. The pictures I saw on the Internet were of people wading through water up to their heads. The wind and waves also capsized a ferry which should not have been out in that weather anyway, and 700 people are still missing from that disaster. A couple of four-hour-old weather updates inform me that the Fengshen has lost some of its strength and been downgraded from a typhoon to a tropical storm. I suppose that is a good thing. Apparently the atmospheric conditions are not conducive to a typhoon now. Still, I got pretty wet when it started to rain in the middle of my daily 25-minute ride home from work this afternoon. I detoured to pick up some grapefruit and apples (both imported from the US?!) and sat out (stood out rather) the worst of the rain before getting back on my bike and suffering a little more coldness and wetness. Weather forecasts are for heavy rain everyday for the next seven days which means riding the scooter to work and back, which means not listening to my mp3 player everyday which means not learning about something interesting everyday, unless that learning take place at another time.

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