Friday, June 6, 2008

Just another day

Friday. I am so glad that Friday has arrived. The day to day work in my classroom is not too bad but the ongoing process of making preparations for the graduation show in August is like a nightmare, albeit a barely scary nightmare that lasts all night. A single footfall upon a flagstone will make no perceptible difference but, of course, the footfalls of generations of pedestrians will wear that same stone to a shale wafer. By the same token the ongoing, undeflected stress of the graduation show wears on me and slowly abrades my peace and calm. I do not think that I like graduation shows. In the graduation show, my students will have to perform on stage for about ten minutes. This performance will include two songs. Props must be made. My script must be made to fit between the other class scripts to create an ongoing narrative with a linch-pin theme. I don't mean that the show is about linch-pins. I mean that the theme is a linch-pin. Who would have thought that teaching kindergarten would require such a performance?

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