Saturday, May 17, 2008

Goodbye Taiwan

Taiwan was literally disappearing before our very eyes.

I don't know if it was just particularly bad weather or some symptom of global-warming-induced rising sea levels but there was no beach here. The sea came right up to where the trees were and had been eroding the sand away from under the trees so that there were skeletal trees all along the coast here. Just to the other side of the area in the photo here was an area where there was a collapsing cliff of sand created where the waves were in the process of eating away the sand, on top of which trees and other plants were still attached and growing. We could stand there and watch the waves undermine the small sand-cliff (a foot and a half high) until it would collapse and the sand would be washed away. To be fair the area seemed to be prone to flooding from the sea as evidenced by the large trenches that seemed to have been dug to allow water to drain away to the coast. It was a strange area but a little disconcerting to see. Oh, and of course there was garbage everywhere. Yuck!

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