Sunday, May 18, 2008

Breakwater breakfast

Okay it wasn't breakfast, it was dinner. And I'm not sure it was a breakwater, a " A barrier that protects a harbor or shore from the full impact of waves" so much as the arms of stone, earth and concrete that created the harbour in the first place. But it was very nice there anyway.

What am I talking about? Twice in the last month we made a picnic dinner on Sunday evening and took it out to An-ping harbour to eat it. Although I can see part of one arm of the harbour from where I sit now, it takes a while to actually get there as you cannot travel directly. You basically have to drive down the river that runs out to the harbour and then drive back up the other side of the river.

It's a long walk from the car-park to our picnic spot all the way out at the end of the southern arm of An-ping harbour. This photo is taken where the arm bends at an angle and heads towards the end of the other arm to create the mouth of the harbour like a giant pair of robot pincers. Unfortunately there is no control mechanism and the arms of the harbour do not open and close so there can never be a scenario where terrorists hijack the harbour and use the pincers to grab a ship as it passes through the mouth and then squeeze it until its cargo is forced out. That was a strange distraction. My original point was that behind the camera in this photo is the rest of the arm which must be traversed to get to the end and our picnic spot.

This photo shows Andrea standing on the very end of the harbour arm while the sun begins to set in the sky. You can see the end of the other arm in the background. You can also see the end of Andrea's patience with me taking pictures when she really wants to tuck into those corn-chips we packed.

How Andrea managed to get this shot I don't know. It's beautiful and reminds me of Top Gun (which I have never actually seen) as one of the pilots walks down the deck of the aircraft carrier towards his jet and towards probable glorious martyrdom in a shower of flack and flare. The truth is that I also wanted to get stuck into that bag of corn chips.

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