Sunday, December 9, 2007

Pre-Blogger email: Quick update, Adrian and Andrea in Australia

This is a long-overdue update on our situation but I will have to make it brief because we have a lot of work to do (when do I ever have time to expand on things and wax lyrical these days?).
Andrea and I got to Taiwan two days ago after I was flat out at home with the move from Collie to Donnybrook. We came to start a job for which we signed a contract a few weeks ago but it is not what we were expecting and last night we had dinner with the head Taiwanese teacher after sitting her down and explaining that we weren't going to be working at Kid Castle (the English academy). Now we are here on a 2-month visitor's visa with no job commitment. We have started looking for another job and are lucky enough to inspired the pity of some of the foreign teachers we were going to be working with and we are staying at our friend Erica's apartment not far from Kid Castle. Depending on what we turn up tomorrow, we might take a trip to another part of Taiwan, out of Taipei, on a job-hunting expedition. The future is uncertain but that is definitely preferable to the certain misery we would have endured had we stuck to the original plan and worked at Kid Castle.
Another update soon.
I have to tell you that if you reply I might not get to it straight away but I think everyone is used to that by now.

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