Sunday, October 7, 2007

Pre-Blogger email: October update

Well I'm exceedingly glad to be able to tell you all that our travel agent (or Cathay Pacific) came through and we were just about to leave the small mining town of Mt Magnet and quickly checking our email on the single dial-up internet connection at the town visitor centre when we read the email telling us that we had been refunded almost all of our money. At our next stop down the highway we bought expensive icecreams to celebrate. Huge relief.
We're in Exmouth up the WA coast right now. We got here and saw the sea for the first time on our trip the night before last. We had to drive very slow for the last 40 km into town because it was dusk and there were a lot of kangaroos and sheep near the highway. We came from Karijini National Park in which we swam in the Gorges and it was beautiful.
Ado (a deer, a female deer)

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