Thursday, February 24, 2011

Decision Time: Michael Buble and the rest of my life

I have a lot to think about right now.  I feel pretty stressed and I'm fighting off the waves of cause and effect that threaten to overwhelm me.  I'm trying to make big decisions about the future and come to terms with circumstances as they are and as we want them to be.  All kinds of things need to be factored  into the equation: there's the fact that I have an undergraduate Bachelor of Arts degree with honours in Psychology.  It would be a shame not to capitalise on that somehow and it might save me years on starting from scratch with an undergraduate degree in an unrelated area.  And there's the consideration of the transferability of any career choice I invest in; I need to be able to uproot my career from Australia and replant it it Canada (looking towards a future where we start a family).  And then there's the personal question of doing something fulfilling that challenges me and that I can enjoy doing as a career.  Will Occupational/Environmental Health & Safety be challenging enough for me and give me the scope to branch out into related but more interesting areas if when I want to change tack a little later on?  If I chose Public Health or EOHS would I be aiming lower than I should be?  Should I ignore my circumstances and choose what I want to do, rather than opt for a choice of compromise weighted on the pull of other factors.  I have to make a decision that could shape the rest of my life and my career, not to mention the effect it will have on my future family and relationship and other circumstances of living.

Today I start a temporary job: helping to set up for the Michael Buble concert at the Sandalford Winery near Margaret River.  The job involves long hours of work and will be exhausting but it is only temporary and allows me the flexibility to allocate time post-completion to more important things, the rest of my life, for example.  I am nervous about this first day of work, of course.  But when I glance at the bundle of considerations, complications, and concerns that I have mentally shelved under "The Future and the Rest of My Life", Michael Buble becomes just another internationally famous artist coming to my part of the world.

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