Friday, September 11, 2009

The World Games in Kaohsiung: Acrobatic Gymnastics

Acrobatic Gymnastics is something of a marriage between gymnastics and dance and there is an emphasis on continuous movement. I feel like such a philistine. It is obvious that there is an incredible amount of skill in these Acrobatic Gymnastics routines and the timing of the individuals in each team is amazing when you consider that there may be six of them, synchronized almost perfectly. However, I just can't seem to be moved much by any of it. Anyway, here's a quick tour of a few random aspects of Acrobatic Gymnastics. If you wanted to know more then you could click here.

The team from Great Britain create an impressive human tower. This stuff must be hard on the joints. How much force or weight does it take to dislocate someone's knee from its socket? How much pressure will a femur take before it breaks? The photographers seem to be impressed. What does it take to become an aerobic gymnast?

Well, you've got to have a team outfit. No one goes for plain blues or subdued reds; it's about flames and swirls and whorls.

And now the Ukrainian team will demonstrate a method for getting the forth man to the top of the tower to perform a one-handed hand-stand:

Step 1.

Step 2.

Step 3. Simple!

This video shows the Chinese team's kung-fu-inspired routine and is actually kind of cool. Did I say I was unmoved by this sport? Well, perhaps I am moved after all. But only a little bit.

I have chosen to end this commentary on aerobic gymnastics ends with this photo for which I have no comment other than a vague exclamation of bemusement, something like, "Uh?".


Anonymous said...

You seem to have mixed up acrobatic gymnastics with aerobic gymnastics. Two seperate disciplines...

Adrian Brown said...

Okay, I think you might be right. After I read your comment I warmed up my browser and did some research. It took me a while to get a sense of how acrobatic and aerobic gymnastics differ but I did start to get a sense of it after a while. No doubt, if you saw a live iteration of one after the other it would be simple but I didn't have the luxury at the Kaohsiung Games. Thanks for your correction. I'll revise this post.

Dellah Redshire said...

The first picture of men performing a high stunt is amazing! I am always excited to see this kind of breath taking stunts by these acrobatic gymnasts.

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