Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Cycling down the east coast: Pt2

I like waking up early. I like the feeling of being there at the start (or close to the start) of the day, as if I didn't want to miss any of it. I don't like getting up late; it makes me feel as though I have been robbed of my time.

The room we rented in the guesthouse in Fongbin didn't have any windows and so when I woke up and arose to partake of a quick shower it was without the benefit of any natural light to wake my brain up. As far as I knew it was still overcast and, possibly, raining outside. When I had readied myself I walked out through the front of the guesthouse past the racks of pipes and the doorway to the hardware store (I guess the proprietor's husband is in the hardware business) and out into a world lit up by a brilliant blue sky. Not a cloud. And it was already getting hot. It was going to be a great day for cycling down the coast.

The manager of the guesthouse. Note the incline.

Ah-ha! Blue skies, mountains, and a big blue sea.

Andrea poses for a photo while John takes the photo and Adrian struggles to get some air into his tyre.

Small fishing village.

The Tropic of Cnacer! Uh? I guess this must be one of the lesser tropics, along with the Tropic of Cup-o-Corn and the Tropic of Tribbles.

Ah, it's embarrassingly phallic.

This could almost be a commercial shot for the P advertising campaign. When we stopped at a restaurant for lunch, John helped himself to a nice, cold can of P.

... and then I drank some of John's P. John enjoyed the experience a bit too much; I don't trust John anymore.

In An-ping you can watch the sun set over the ocean but here on the east coast, of course, the sun sets over the mountains. In the late afternoon shafts of the sun's light project themselves across the mountain-tops and down into the coastal sea.

Sunset. We were cycling for a while after sunset, looking for a place to make use of the camping equipment we had brought along with us. Eventually we set up camp on the grassy oval of a school, surrounded by the running track. It had been a long and beautiful day and I slept satisfied that I had made the most of it.

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